Welfare Scheme

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SL Scheme Description
1 House/Flat Construction/Repair Rs 50,000/- financial assistance to widows of ESM and disabled ESM for house/flat repair (In two instalments).
2 Marriage Grant Grant for daughter’s marriage to ESM without any pensionary support and widows of ESM, amounting to Rs. 1,00,000/- (Up to two daughters).
3 Merit Scholarship Merit Scholarship for all vocational courses (including B. Ed., M. Ed., Law Course, Book grant and Hostel grant) @ Rs 20,000/-p.a. per candidate. (No Income Limit)
4 Education Grant Education grant from class 6th to 10th, College, Institute, ITI and commercial courses excluding B.Ed., M.Ed. and Law Course. (No Income Limit up to Hav and equivalent).
5 Widows Re-marriage Grant Re-marriage grant to parents of war widows amounting to Rs. 1,00,000/- (Up to JCOs and their equivalent).
6 Funeral Grant Funeral grant amounting to Rs. 5,000/- to dependent of ESM (Up to JCOs and their equivalent).
7 Financial Assistance to Parents Ex-gratia grant of Rs 1,00,000/- to parents of married soldiers (Up to JCOs and their equivalent) who laid their lives in war or war like operation, naxalite attack and natural calamities belonging to state of Bihar.
8 Financial assistance World War II Veterans & their Widows Financial assistance Rs. 10,000/- p.m. to demobilised non-pensioners of World War II veterans & their widows after death.
9 Ex-gratia grant to next of kin (a) Defence (Army, Navy and Air force) – Rs. 11,00,000/- to NOK of Martyrs killed in war/ war like situation and Rs 50,000/- to those war disabled soldiers who are medically boarded out from service belonging to state of Bihar.
(b) BSF - Rs. 11,00,000/- to NOK of BSF Personnel martyred during war/ war like situation on the border.
(c) CPMF - Rs. 11,00,000/- to NOK of CPMF Personnel martyred during encounter with Nexalites like situation on the border
10 Gallantry Award Cash grant to gallantry award winners 14 (Fourteen) categories as the rate fixed by the State Govt :-
Amount applicable to Gallantry Award Winners (With effect from – 01.01.2010)

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  1. Priority in Govt. jobs in Group III & IV posts.
  2. Appointment of ESM in State Auxiliary Police.
  3. Allotment of agricultural land by State Govt. 5 acres and 12.5 Dismal land for housing for deceased and disabled soldiers & 2 acres agricultural land 12.5 Dismal land to serving & ESM.
  4. Reservation in vocational institutions like ITI & agricultural college.
  5. Grant of Rs 50,000/- for Paraplegic Centre, Kirkee (Pune) and Mohali per year, per beneficiary, belonging to the State of Bihar for treatment & rehabilitation.
  6. Financial assistance to son/daughter of ESM (One time) Rs 50,000/- after selection in National Defence Academy, Institute of Military Academy, Officers’ Training Academy & AFMC, Pune .
  7. Scheme of Data Entry Operator training (Free of cost) to ESM and their dependents for the purpose of employment.
  8. Marks extra weightage in merit number to widows of ESM in Bihar Municipal Corporation secondary & higher secondary teacher for appointment.
  9. Recruitment of ESM in Jail for the post of Warden.